Amber Burroughs

I've never seen or experienced anything like Flowtography. The pictures alone take you on somewhat of a spiritual journey. Chet really captures the beauty of the Earth and Humanity in such a unique, refreshing, and personal filter. Seeing his show was both majestic and soothing.

Kristi Bennett

I have a huge respect for Chet’s talent as a photographer and poet. I've been fortunate enough to collect several pieces of his work. I'm not only moved by his images and words but the marriage of the two as truly unique art.

 I've also commissioned Chet to do personal photography shoots. I appreciated his professionalism and his ability to adapt to the surroundings easily. I felt comfortable during the shoots and was more than pleased with the images he created. I'm a huge fan of Chet's work and I always look forward to his exhibits so I can see the world through his eyes.

Renata Saldanha

Wow, I can hardly express how impressed I am with Chet Tucker's work. I'm wondering how is it to see the world as he sees it... Each moment that he captures goes beyond words, yet he finds the right words to take you even deeper in that moment. Time really stops at the intersection of photography and poetry.