An artwork that threads the poetic flow of words to the captivating imagery of photographs. Neither pieces of art are dependent upon one another, nor do they portray themselves as telling the same story. Rather, the independent art forms are strung together so that one can appreciate them as a puzzled whole.




The poverty of tragedy, the liberty of fighting for peace

Where souls speak beneath worlds you think you see ... the surface of disbelief breathes

Walls and walls of artistry in American graffiti, the truth of freedom's identity is fenced in it's dark realities.



Amber rays fall so delicately, like the raining of golden leaves

Serene epiphanies twirling like feathers in the crisp breeze

Peace in the dying of the season, the fiery shaped dreams of fantasies 

Seas of skies aflame in hues wandering with sweet melancholy 

So effortlessly, life breathes in the fog's exhaling density

Trees of chaos fit so perfectly in nature's baring ecstasies

Streets bustling with parallel fervor, the coming of destinies 

Wavy embers undyingly glow against the pristine fires of still scenes


The core truth of you speaks with tinged bleak hues, shape but rounded only through the lens you choose. Words are clues to the veiled views you peruse. The grip tight but loose enough to fever abuse, to wave me in with the lingering promises of passionate youth, you soothe the abrasions of my worldly bruise, you kiss, you play, you shape my intrigue with colors new.

The draped illusions elude to craft images that sway my ways and create a different shade, a chameleon slate that bends to its muse and somehow I can't escape your paradoxically twisted fate.